Nine Miles to Noon

Architect Male White Herbert J. Leder Herbert J. Leder 1963 USA Drama


Jeff Faulkner, an American, arrives in Athens to look for Julia, his ex-wife, whom he deserted after the birth of their son, Jamie, 9 years earlier. Julia has recently married Dio Dimou, a wealthy Greek architect, and will probably inherit money from her family. Jeff intends to obtain her money at any cost. He befriends his son, Jamie, a youngster who does not get along well with others (most notably his new stepfather), by promising Jamie that he will help him find his real father. Julia learns about Jamie's encounter with Jeff, and she warns her ex-husband to stay away from the boy. Desperate because his funds are running low, Jeff persuades Jamie to poison his stepfather by pouring poison into the thermos bottle that Dio takes to work each day for his lunchtime beverage. Jamie regrets his action early the next morning; and he and his friend Pazzo, a deafmute teenager, race to the construction site 9 miles away to save Dio. En route they encounter Jeff, who attempts to delay them by telling Jamie that he is Jamie's father. The boys break away, whereupon Jeff chases after them to the construction site and up the 15 stories of scaffolding to the place where Dio always eats lunch. In the melee that follows, Jeff shoots and injures Dio, and Pazzo falls off the scaffolding to his death after courageously attempting to wrest the gun from Jeff. Jeff gives himself up, and Jamie is reconciled with his stepfather at his friend's funeral.

Actors Who Play Architects:

Renato Baldini
[Dio Dimou]