Skyscraper Cinema : Architecture and Gender in American Film

Author: Merrill Schleier
Publisher: Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, ©2009.
Summary: "Whether tall office buildings, high-rise apartments, or lofty hotels, skyscrapers have been stars in American cinema since the silent era. Cinema's tall buidlings have been variously represented as unbridled aspiration, dens of iniquity and eroticism, beacons of democracy, and well-oiled corporate machines. Considering their intriguing diversity, Merrill Schleier establishes and explains the impact of actual skyscrapers on America's ideologies about work, leisure, romance, sexual identity and politics as seen in Hollywood movies"--Publisher description.
  • Skyscrapers in motion pictures.
  • Sex role in motion pictures.
  • Masculinity in motion pictures.
ISBN: 97808166428166
OCLC: 229031058
Description: xviii, 367 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Contents: Introduction: Constructing the American skyscraper film -- From stumbling blocks to stepping stones : Harold Lloyd's skyscraper film --Icons of exploitation : gender and class disharmony in the Depression-era skyscraper office -- Masculine heroes, modernism, and political ideology in The fountainhead and The big clock -- Mid-century corporate renewal and gender realignment in Executive suite and Desk set -- Postscript: Recent skyscraper films.
Language: English
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La Recita Dell'Architetto : 1523 Film e un Videogioco

Authors: Giorgio Scianca; Stefano Della Casa
Publisher: Torino : SVpress, ©2015.
Summary: "Quando cinema e architettura si incontrano nasce un libro che mostra il legame indissolubile tra gli edifici, i personaggi che li popolano e i professionisti che li progettano. Una raccolta di 1523 film, divisa in decenni, dal muto ad oggi. 12 capitoli, con tantissime storie, film famosi ma anche nuove scoperte che gli interlocutori internazionali hanno suggerito agli autori. Il primo secolo di vita dell’architetto moderno nella storia della cinematografia raccontato da Giorgio Scianca con l’ironia disincantata del cinefilo e la precisione enciclopedica dell’architetto."--Publisher description.
  • Architects in motion pictures.
  • Motion pictures.
ISBN: 9788890993015
OCLC: 933282824
Description: 461pages ; 21 cm
Language: Italian
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Reading of the Architectural Identity via Cinema. CINEJ Cinema Journal

Reading of the Architectural Identity via Cinema

Author: Havva Alkan Bala
Abstract: "This study focused on the identity and proficiency of the profession of architecture via characters of “architect”, “student of architecture” and “having ambition to become an architect” in various films. Conclusions have been drawn about the professional applications and architectural life from the cinematographic level regarding the architect characters and their jobs via the seven films and a total of eleven different architect characters studied. This study aims to revise, through the cinema, the questions of what does an architect do? How does an architect work? What are the tools that an architect uses? How does an architect create their works? What is the mental map of an architect like? In short, who is an architect? New conclusions have been drawn, via a total of eleven different characters of architects in seven films, about architects and architects’ job from the cinematographic level to Professional practice and architectural life."
Citation: Alkan Bala, H. (2015). Reading of the Architectural Identity via Cinema. CINEJ Cinema Journal, 4(1), 79-109.

From Towering Inferno to High Rise, film has not been kind to architects

Author: Catherine Slessor
Description: "The news that Jeff Bridges is to play Mies van der Rohe in a film about the Farnsworth House adds unexpected lustre to the meagre roll call of architects in movies. Lawyers, doctors, even dentists are familiar cinematic protagonists, but people would be hard pressed to name an architect, apart from the ubiquitous Howard Roark. Here, Slessor talks about architects' reputation in cinema."
Citation: Slessor, C. (2017). From towering inferno to high rise, cinema has not been kind to architects. Architects' Journal, 244(5), 104. Retrieved from: