Brass Bottle, The

Architect Male White Harry Keller Oscar Brodney 1964 USA Comedy


Architect Harold Ventimore buys an antique brass bottle as a gift for his future father-in-law, Anthony Kenton, an Egyptologist, but he decides the bottle is a fake and keeps it for himself. He breaks the seal, thereby releasing a genie, Fakrash, who is ready to serve him. Almost immediately, Fakrash obtains for Harold a multimillion-dollar housing contract from tycoon Sam Wackerbath. When, Harold's fiancée, Sylvia, comes to dinner with her parents, Fakrash turns Harold's house into a sultan's palace complete with dancing girls. The guests are outraged, and Harold blames Fakrash for alienating Sylvia, whereupon the genie gives him a gift of Tezra, a houri. Harold cannot rid himself of Tezra, and matters are further complicated when Fakrash performs more tricks, such as producing a herd of elephants at rush hour to distract a policeman from giving a summons to Harold. When Harold explains to authorities the reasons for the unusual occurrences, he is restrained with a straight-jacket. Fakrash then tries to explain to a government panel that he is a genie, but his words fall on unbelieving ears until he demonstrates his power by miniaturizing the panel members. Fakrash also succeeds, at Harold's request, in erasing all that he has done, including the very memory of his existence. Sam Wackerbath comes to Harold's office to hire him and introduces him to his new partner and the partner's wife--Fakrash and Tezra!

Actors Who Play Architects:

Tony Randall
[Harold Ventimore]