As Good as Married

Architect Male White Edward Buzzell F. Hugh Herbert, Norman Krasna, Lynn Starling 1937 USA Comedy


When prominent architect Alexander Drew learns that marriage would save him a lot of money in income taxes, beside protecting him from breech of promise suits, he proposes that his secretary, Sylvia Parker, marry him strictly as a business deal. Although she dates Fraser James, another architect, Sylvia is secretly in love with Drew, and so agrees to the arrangement. Sylvia and Drew maintain separate residences and both plan on continuing their independent lives. With this in mind, Drew arranges a weekend party in honor of Cherry, a former mistress now known as Princess Bouladoff. Sylvia is included as his hostess and invites Fraser as her guest. Drew is stunned by Sylvia's beauty when he sees her in evening dress and becomes jealous of Fraser's attentions to her. The next morning, he is mortified to learn that she drove back to town with Fraser and has left him on his own for the weekend. He then demands that she act more like his wife. She interprets this to mean she should go on a spending spree to keep up the appearances proper to a man of his status. Furious, Drew tries to break their contract, but Jessup, his lawyer, informs him that this is impossible. Sylvia agrees to a divorce, however, explaining that she never wanted anything from Drew. Jessup realizes that Drew is in love with his wife and advises him to tell her so. After a series of misunderstandings, Drew finally follows Sylvia to Coronado where he reveals his feelings and they reunite.

Actors Who Play Architects:

John Boles
[Alexander Drew]